Our lab’s research uses the latest molecular tools in conjunction with traditional plant breeding to meet current and future challenges of the cranberry industry, including increasing yield in sustainable production systems, improving berry quality and nutrition, and responding to increasingly variable and extreme climates, insects, and disease pressures.

Our lab focuses on research dealing with multiple aspects of genetics of Vaccinium macrocarpon and other Vaccinium species.

Ongoing Research

  1.  genetic tool development

  2.  genome sequencing (mtDNA and cpDNA) and genetic mapping

  3.  DNA fingerprinting of cultivated varieties

  4.  development of molecular markers for MAS

  5.  genetic diversity & population structure of wild populations

  6.  identification of valuable traits in wild Vaccinium & their introgression into cultivated varieties

  7.  development of educational tools to gain public interest in all aspects of the cranberry, from growth and development to cultivation and health benefits

Other Current Research

  1.  quantitative genetics

  2.  inheritance determination of important traits

  3.  field evaluation of cranberry germplasm

  4.  germplasm enhancement for use by growers, consumers, and researchers

  5.  genome sequencing (nDNA)